Tagging Beaded Security Loop

Tag & Joining Systems

Similar to our Tach-It Dubl-Header Security Loops, our BD-155 has round protrusions along the length of the tie allowing the operator to make the loop virtually any size they desire depending on the product being tagged.

BD-155 Beaded Security Loop

Tach-It BD-155 Beaded Adjustable Length Security Loops.
5 inches long.
Beads molded into the string allows the loop to be pulled closed to any diameter needed.
Perfect for tagging items that cannot be penetrated by a tagging needle such as belts, ties, purses, suitcases, glasses, sunglasses, briefcases, knapsacks, and a multitude of other items.
Protects the retailer by stopping price switching.
Hand applied, no tools needed.
Natural Color.
Packed 5,000 per box.

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